Goal Journal

Sometimes it's hard pursueing your dreams. To make it easier, I created a journal called “Hedef Ajandası” (Goal Journal). It’s an actual journal where you write your goals and the journal keeps track of the progress. First you actualize your thoughts by writing them. Then you write the smallest actions you can take towards your goals. And hopefully you achieve your dreams.


For all my life, I've tried to achieve things and I know how hard it can be sometimes. Even though you have the motivation and urge to pursue your dreams, you cannot reach the point you desire.

After reading many books, I realized that the best way to achieve a dream is by writing it and taking small steps towards it.

This journal makes you write your goals at first and then it makes you write the smallest actions you can take towards your goal. Once you see the steps clearly, pursueing your goals becomes much easier.

And the more you see the progress by achieving these small steps, the more you feel motivated.

My Goals

My goal is to make people pursue their dreams. I want to provide them a tool which can keep them on track.

The first version is in Turkish but I want to expand it to other languages.