About Me

I can describe myself as a "Lifetime Learner"

During my university, I realized that the world is much bigger than the major I was studying. I didn't need to work as a mechanical engineer. I could do everything!

So I started expanding my horizon. I've read dozens of books. I found 2 abroad internship and I did an overseas exchange. These adventures most importantly made me realize who I am.

I realized that how important it is to find yourself, what you like and what you don't. I also realized that the process of finding your true self is not an ending process. I still learn many things about myself today.

One thing I learnt about myself is that I need to improve myself. I cannot be the same Ogulcan I was yesterday. It's really hard to embrace this but once I'm in the zone of self learning, I'm unstoppable.

I taught myself how to code, how to play guitar and piano, how to swim and how to tweak your performance to achieve maximum productivity.

I'm Ogulcan, I am good at learning new stuff.